Our Story

People’s hair has always been an essential part of their look. While one’s hairstyle has no bearing on a person’s beauty — as subjective as that concept is — it can nevertheless impact how they are perceived. Additionally, not only does it speak of the individual’s personality, but styling their hair the way they want to can also serve as a mode of self-expression. The value attached to people’s hair lies as the reason Frankly Weaves & Extensions goes the extra mile in ensuring that customers are provided with top-notch quality products. 
Brooklyn-based Frankly Weaves & Extensions was established by Cynthia Dietz, a wig specialist with over ten years of experience. She is a licensed cosmetologist, wig artist, extensions specialist, makeup, and tattoo artist who has turned her passion for hair into an opportunity where she can connect with people and share her experiences. 
Today, Frankly Weaves & Extensions has grown into a widely acclaimed luxury hair company that focuses on wigs, extensions, lashes, and accessories. As a brand, it has reached impressive heights within the beauty industry because of its commitment to helping women feel beautiful again amidst their hair loss. Through its products and services, it sends across the message that losing one’s hair is nothing to be ashamed of. 
Cynthia Dietz has managed to attract and retain a strong following and a loyal number of customers because she knows what products to offer. After experiencing the loss of her hair at a young age, she made it her mission to learn and study about hair in the hopes of helping others. It is this in-depth knowledge of what customers are looking for that allowed her to cater to clients, doing so impressively. 
At Frankly Weaves & Extensions, every wig and piece is customized to the customer. The venture considers every need of its clients, going all out in guaranteeing that its products bring a smile to women’s faces. 
Since its establishment, this brainchild of Cynthia Dietz has gained recognition for the quality of its offerings. Frankly Weaves & Extensions vets all of its vendors, ensuring that only the best textures are delivered to its clients.


On top of standing out because of its wide range of products, the company also takes pride in its ability to connect with every woman who frequents the business. Since its founder genuinely understands what it means to suffer from hair loss, Frankly Weaves & Extensions is able to build trust with customers, breaking down their walls and gaining a deeper understanding of their desires and how they envision themselves to come out after using the company’s products. 
Frankly Weaves & Extensions hopes to become the go-to institution for wigs, extensions, and other hair accessories in the coming years. Aside from providing women with the tangible products they need to feel beautiful, it also aims to empower them to keep their heads held high despite their hair loss conditions. 
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